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Aged 26, I left my job in the City and with it an £80K pay packet. Why? For too long I’ve been a wantrepreneur. Someone who is constantly dreaming up the next big thing. Someone who wants the adventure of "doing their own thing", but is yet to take any meaningful action, waiting for the right... Continue Reading →

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Day 195: Stop trying to scale too soon!

“In order to scale you have to do things that don’t scale.” - Brian Chesky Like many new founders, I found myself a few months into my venture, Tinkerdash. I had a clunky, manual service and had completed some testing with users. It was now time to build something that could scale and take over the world,... Continue Reading →

Day 157: Never send an app to do Messenger’s job

"Besides black art, there is only automation and mechanization." - Federico Garcia Lorca Last week I attended TechHub's monthly demo event for the first time, hosted at Campus London. With just two demos left I was starting to think my experience would materialise to nothing more than a "nice time", which would have been fine, however,... Continue Reading →

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