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Aged 26, I left my job in the City and with it an £80K pay packet. Why? For too long I’ve been a wantrepreneur. Someone who is constantly dreaming up the next big thing. Someone who wants the adventure of "doing their own thing", but is yet to take any meaningful action, waiting for the right... Continue Reading →

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Day 248: Try our new sales funnel

Thinking of creating your first sales funnel? Or may be you're looking for a sales funnel template? Well, here's a breakdown of what's inside the latest sales funnel for www.bodybuildingmealplans.co.uk and why it's been included, ready for you to try on for size. Note, this funnel covers the "awareness" phases currently. It's in the process... Continue Reading →

Day 247: The dilemma facing internet marketers

Deciding to focus on Bodybuilding was just the start. It seemed to open a whole can of worms. What products do people actually want? How do I get their attention? And how do I introduce the solution without scaring them off? After a series of false starts including a video sales letter script, slides for... Continue Reading →

Is collaboration killing your team’s creativity?

"Collaboration", "teamwork", "brainstorming". These words have become synonymous with today's working culture. The shift toward working environments that are based on face-to-face interaction has increased in recent years. It's something I've witnessed during my five-year tenure as a business and technology consultant. But what if, in the race to develop new ideas and produce higher quality... Continue Reading →

Stop procrastinating! Try this instead…

When was the last time you put something off that you really ought to have done? Procrastination is something we all do. But did you know, by procrastinating you are risking more than just a deadline? People who put things off are more likely to experience greater stress, worry and guilt. It's even linked to being... Continue Reading →

5 time management tips for busy entrepreneurs

Did you know, the best part of being your own boss is also the worst? I'm referring to time management. On one hand, you get to decide when you wake up, when you go to the gym and when it's time to call it a day. That's great. On the other hand, you have to... Continue Reading →

The “difference” between a startup and an SME (small medium enterprise)

Are we comparing apples to oranges or has the term "startup" simply been bastardised by the media and fair-weather founders, not wanting to face the realities of running a business? A recent post by fellow blogger, Jozsef Torsan, got me thinking about the difference between a startup and a small to medium sized enterprise. Curious as... Continue Reading →

Day 214: Creating customer personas

Before creating the first bodybuildingmealplans.co.uk paid-for product, it seemed prudent to understand the type of person who might be interested in buying. To do this I used a few sources of available information: 1) Sign-up form submissions: the landing page submission form used for the latest ad campaign included a drop down list, which prompted people to... Continue Reading →

The problem with today’s “start-up” culture…

At a recent startup demo event, the event sponsor, who I won't name, boasted that their "members have been bought by Google, Facebook, Oracle and others" and "have raised over $1 billion dollars in funding". I assume it was an attempt to gather new members from the audience for the coworking spaces they offer. Not... Continue Reading →

Day 206: Time to start turning website visitors into customers

"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results." - Tony Robbins Inspired by the rather surprising results of my latest Google Adwords campaign, I was feeling confident about the slight change in direction toward bodybuilding meal plans.... Continue Reading →

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