Best coworking spaces in London? Try these five gems

“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” – Paul Ryan

So, you’ve just started a new venture but can’t yet afford to rent a funky new office. Or maybe you’re a freelancer sick of working from home, longing for human interaction. Fortunately, there’s an answer: coworking space.

From offering desk space, super-fast wi-fi, well-stocked cafes and opportunities to meet like-minded people, coworking spaces have many benefits. But with more and more coworking spaces popping up in London, how do you choose? To help, here are five tried and tested places that you should definitely check-out.

1. Caya Club, Brixton

Coworking space london Caya Club Brixton

Caya Club is a pay as you go coworking space in Brixton, with a relaxed vibe and a tasty little cafe (try the brownies!). Prices start from £2/hour or £180/month inc. tea, coffee and water. Whilst some coworking spaces can become overcrowded, Caya Club seems to do a good job of ensuring people have plenty of space to work, think and chat.

2. National Theatre, Southbank

Coworking space london National Theatre

Next to the kitchen cafe on the ground floor of the National Theatre are a bunch desks, ideal for a few hours work if you’re in the Southbank area. It’s free to use and peaceful. The only downside is that power plugs are limited so make sure your laptop is charged.

3. The British Library, Kings Cross

Coworking space london British Library.jpg

The British Library features hundreds of desks over multiple levels in its main building. Again, it’s free to use but can get very busy. It is arguably better for working solo than in large groups given the number people studying, it is a library after all.

4. Campus London, Old Street

Coworking space london Google Campus London.jpg

Ran by Google, Campus London is a personal favourite coworking space. It’s free to join and once you’re a member, you’ll also have access to their network of campuses around the world (five at the time of writing). It ticks all the usual boxes but what sets it apart is the community events that are run out of the building, from startup demo days, free mentoring and MeetUps. It can get busy in the afternoons so it’s recommended you arrive early to mid morning if you’re planning to stay more than a few hours.

5. Ace Hotel, Shoreditch

Coworking space london ACE Cafe Shoredich.jpg

The “neighbourhood” cafe, part of the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, offers both a delightful place to grab a cup of coffee and to set up a micro-office for the day. Again, it’s free, minus the cup of a few cups of tea or coffee and there’s plenty of desk space and breakout areas. You’ll even be treated to table service, how posh!

None of these tickling your fancy?

Check out Coworking Spaces London, which has over 150 free and paid-for places for you to try in London, as well as a list of accelerators and incubators in London.

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