Day 103: Could this be the best £10 I’ve spent this year?

“People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.” – Mark Zuckerberg

The pre-launch campaign was ticking along nicely, now with over 65 sign-ups. I was now keen to speak with lifestyle bloggers in the UK who, along with their followers, might be interested in our service. Why? Bloggers often have a loyal following within a specific niche. They serve as gatekeepers to a bunch of potential customers and are therefore ideal brand ambassadors.

After a bit of Googling for bloggers, I came across The Lifestyle Blogger UK who, for just £10 would allow me to advertise the opportunity to review a product or service on their prolific blog. This sounded ideal. Not only would it allow me to collaborate with bloggers, it would allow me to trial Tinkerdash with more users and gather more feedback. So whilst I knew little about the types of people who would read the advert, or how many, for £10 I figured it was worth a punt. And what a punt it was!

Within 24 hours of contacting Becky at The Lifestyle Blogger UK, I had this advert on her blog, along with posts on their social media pages advertising the same.


I received over 20 responses within four hours from interested bloggers and within four days, I’d estimate that I received 55-60 responses.

Admittedly, I was completely new to this whole blogging thing so started by responding to interested people with specifics about the review, for example, what the blogger will get, how it’ll work and what they’ll need. In terms of monetary rewards, I was offering Amazon vouchers based on the blogger’s website domain authority (DA) as follows:

  • DA under 20 = £20
  • DA of 21-25 = £25
  • DA of 26-30 = £30
  • DA over 30 £35

A number of bloggers dropped out when it was explained that Tinkerdash was not going to pay for their months’ shopping, and a few more followed suit because the monetary offer was much lower than their typical fee per review.

I learnt that some of the bloggers could expect between £100-250 per review in cash, based on it taking three to five hours to create a post inc. images, plus the time to actually review the product or service.

Jenna at A Balanced Belly was also kind enough to advise that I be specific with the bloggers I work with about what we want to achieve from the campaign. A straight forward review may not necessarily drive sign-ups for example, so this needs to be factored into how the review is conducted and then communicated to the audience.

So, armed with some useful advice and plenty of bloggers still interested, it was time to get cracking with the review.

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