Day 247: The dilemma facing internet marketers

Deciding to focus on Bodybuilding was just the start.

It seemed to open a whole can of worms. What products do people actually want? How do I get their attention? And how do I introduce the solution without scaring them off?

After a series of false starts including a video sales letter script, slides for a “free training” webinar and more, I decided to start with what I’m most comfortable with. An eBook.

A week and a half later and the first version of the eBook titled “The simple way to meal plan for Bodybuilding” has just been completed.

The theory is that I can use this eBook as a “lead magnet” – a free giveaway designed to form a relationship and build trust with a potential customer. The contents of the book are a delicate mix of informational content and sales copy. The latter being used to both whet the reader’s appetite and introduce them to the solution.

All of this being supported by a series of automated emails designed for the same purpose.

What I’m describing is not new. In fact, it’s widely used by highly successful internet marketers and companies. Unfortunately, because these techniques are shown to work so well, they’re also used by scammers and people trying to make a quick buck!

So there in lies the dilemma.

As someone with a strong moral compass, it’s my (and your) responsibility to make sure what a customer is buying actually solves their problem. A half-baked solution is no good to anyone. And neither is a solution to a problem they never had in the first place!

This will be a tricky path to manoeuvre but one I plan to navigate, with plenty of unadulterated feedback from potential customers along the way I’m sure.


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