Day 102: Working from home can be lonely, why not try this?

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality.” ― John Lennon

Like many small business owners, I work from home. And like many others, I communicate over messaging apps every hour of every day and regularly talk to people on the phone. However, there’s something about a lack of human interaction for a period of serval hours that causes a strange feeling. Maybe it was loneliness, I’m not sure.

To counteract this, I’ve signed up for Campus London, which is free working space near Old Street for “anyone with an idea”. Here’s a sneak peak:


Campus has been great thus far, whether to meet co-workers in central London or to just get out and keep sane. Plus, they host a load of MeetUps, events and provide mentoring from this space. Not bad for FREE! You can sign-up here too. At the time of writing, they also had venues in Madrid, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Tel Aviv and Warsaw.

P.S. I came across Campus via this article on The Brief, which also talks about 6 other working spaces in London, such as Hoxton Hotel and The British Library. Again, they’re completely free, less the cost of a cup of coffee or two. Enjoy!


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