Day 100: What I’ve learnt about user behaviour, pop-ups and A/B testing

Situational variables can exert powerful influences over human behaviour, more so that we recognise or acknowledge.” – Philip Zimbardo

After the excitement of the first day, the second day of the pre-launch campaign was relatively subdued. Tinkerdash received around 15 new sign-ups via our landing page, which was OK but I would have liked it to be higher.

To see what was going on in a bit more detail, I checked the Google Analytics metrics from the last 36 hours. Some interesting things I found were that:

  • 60.92% visited via mobile, 36.21% from desktop and 2.87% tablet.
  • There were 229 unique visitors.
  • The overall bounce rate (the number of visitors who leave a website after viewing just one page) from the home page was 71.3%.
  • The bounce rate reduced to 62.5% for returning visitors.
  • Split by the device, the bounce rate for mobile was 78.63%, 59.57% for desktop* and 100% for tablet.

*Visitors using a desktop would see the following pop-up when they appeared to be about to leave the page, which may explain the lower bounce rate for desktop users. The power of the exit intent pop up!


So, it seemed that new people were still visiting the page. However, the majority of these people were simply bouncing from the page without signing up.

To try to improve the conversion rate, I set up a second version of the landing page and tested it alongside the original version. Some people would see version A and others see version B, and then you compare the results. This is called A/B testing and is another out-of-the-box feature of the Kickofflabs platform.

Version A was tested with no video and for version B, I added the explainer video. Over a 23 hour period, with over 50 views, Version B had an 18.8% higher conversion rate. I updated the landing page to version B (including the video) and scrapped the A/B test.

Here’s what we ended up with for the landing page:

Tinkerdash home page.PNG

It was then a case of leaving the new page alone for at least a few days to see how people used it. On to the next day

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