Day 248: Try our new sales funnel

Thinking of creating your first sales funnel? Or may be you’re looking for a sales funnel template?

Well, here’s a breakdown of what’s inside the latest sales funnel for and why it’s been included, ready for you to try on for size.

Note, this funnel covers the “awareness” phases currently. It’s in the process of being extended across the “purchasing” and “after sales” phases. Stay tuned.

1. Google Ads (five variations) – first up, the mechanism to drive a highly targetted audience to the landing page. In this case, it’s a paid Google advert (or five).

2. Landing page (two variations) – designed to initiate a relationship with a prospective customer. The objective is to establish a means of communicating with the user, in this case by obtaining their name and email address.

3. eBook – this is used as a “lead magnet”, to incentivise the user to provide their contact details in return for something of value. The actual content of the book seeks to build credibility and trust with the user by providing genuinely helpful information.

4. “Success” page – designed simply to inform the user when their request to download the eBook has been successful and what the next steps are. This page is liable to be replaced with a redirect to the main sales page in future.

5. Automated email responder series (four emails) –

  • Day 0 (sign-up): people receive an email containing a link to the eBook, delivering on the promise of a freebie. The email also includes an introduction from the author (me) to help establish rapport with the user.
  • +1 day: people get an informational email about a topic related to meal planning, in this case, nutrition. This seeks to add value and build credibility.
  • +2 day: people get a second informational email about a topic related to meal planning, in this case, supplements. This seeks to add value and build credibility.
  • +4 day: people get an email offering them a free meal plan review. Although this would normally cost money, it’s offered at low or no cost in order to incentivise people to provide feedback on the main problems they’re facing. In turn, this will influence the products and services that are offered to these people.

And a few things coming soon…

6. Automated email responder (one or two emails) – people will receive an email or two introducing the products or services most relevant to them, based on any feedback received. Most likely, this will include an upfront offer designed to boost conversion.

7. Sales page – a page designed to convert prospective customers into actual customers. This will be the end point of the various funnel steps thus far…

The plan is to also play around with the sequencing of the different parts, to determine what order and timing work best. Let the experiments begin!

P.S. If you’d like to experience the landing page, eBook and autoresponder series first hand then you can sign-up at (it’s free!). All feedback welcome.

P.P.S. Stay tuned as the conversion metrics will be announced in the coming weeks.


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