The “difference” between a startup and an SME (small medium enterprise)

Are we comparing apples to oranges or has the term “startup” simply been bastardised by the media and fair-weather founders, not wanting to face the realities of running a business?

A recent post by fellow blogger, Jozsef Torsan, got me thinking about the difference between a startup and a small to medium sized enterprise. Curious as to what the world wide web had to say, I began Googling and came across a number of interesting articles. Two in particular.

I challenge you to read the first article then the second article and not laugh at the irony:

  1. A Brief Guide to Bullshit Startup Lingo via LinkedIn, with over 8.5k likes, 800 comments and 1.5k shares at the time of writing.
  2. What’s the difference between a startup and an SME (small medium enterprise)? via Quora, with 12.6k views and 36 “Upvotes” at the time of writing.

Personally, I know where my opinion lies on this matter, how about you?


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2 thoughts on “The “difference” between a startup and an SME (small medium enterprise)

  1. Love these 2 articles… especially the “brief guide to bullshit startup..” 😀
    There was a startup conference, where startups presented their ideas. Among the participants there was a startup whose idea was to provide “mentoring service” for startups… A startup, that provides “mentoring service” for startups. Got it? 😀

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