Welcome to Diary of a Wantrepreneur

Aged 26, I left my job in the City and with it an £80K pay packet. Why? For too long I’ve been a wantrepreneur. Someone who is constantly dreaming up the next big thing. Someone who wants the adventure of “doing their own thing”, but is yet to take any meaningful action, waiting for the right time to start.

In the past, I dipped my toe in the water. When I was 17, I ordered a small number of Nepalese-style hats from Alibaba to sell to friends. After finishing university I set up a comparison website for recruitment agencies. Even though I achieved moderate success with both ventures – selling all of the hats within a few weeks, signing-up 15 recruitment agencies and receiving some press coverage – neither lasted more than a few months. I did not truly commit to making either venture work.

Now, I’ve decided I will take action. Make sacrifices. Start my own business. And commit to making it work.

I’d like for you to share my journey so you may learn from my mistakes, the tools I’ve found useful and sources of inspiration that have kept me going.

Good luck on your own journey from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur. Please share your experiences and successes along the way.


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